Skip Bags

Need a fast and cost-effective way to remove waste from your home or business? You need a skip bag from KD Clearance!

If you need to get rid of waste but don’t have the space for a metal skip, a skip bag is the perfect solution.

If you have a lot of rubbish to get rid of, hiring a metal skip may seem like a good idea. A wide range of materials can be disposed of in a skip, such as garden waste, household waste, DIY waste, recyclables, rubble, wood and food waste, and your rubbish is collected and disposed of in one go rather than having to make multiple trips to the rubbish dump. However, skip hire can be expensive, and a skip takes up a LOT of space. That’s where skip bags come into their own.

Benefits of skip bags

Skip bags offer all the convenience of traditional metal skips, but they’re a more cost-effective waste collection solution and take up far less space.

If you hire a metal skip, you’ll need to have enough rubbish to fill it in order to get your money’s worth. Our skip bags, on the other hand, come in two sizes and are ideal for when you want a skip but feel that you don’t have enough rubbish to fill it.

Unlike metal skips, a skip bag can be positioned anywhere as long as the area is free of obstacles, has no overhead cables and is within easy reach of the crane used on our vehicles.

While traditional metal skips usually need to be collected within a set timeframe, you can store our skip bags indefinitely and fill them up when it’s convenient for you.

Another reason why skip bags are becoming an increasingly popular method of disposing of unwanted items and rubbish is because they can help to increase recycling rates. For example, many of our customers hire individual skip bags for garden waste, household waste and DIY waste, making it easier for certain waste types to be segregated.

Skip bags are even more convenient than metal skips, and they’re also cheaper and require less space. So, if you’re in Surrey or Sussex and think you may need a skip to get rid of your rubbish, consider hiring a skip bag from KD Clearance instead.

What are skip bags used for?

Our skip bags are mainly used for small waste disposal projects. Simply load waste and unwanted items into the bag at your convenience, and then call us to collect and dispose of the rubbish.

The KD Clearance skip bag hire and collection service is available for a number of different waste streams including rubble waste, wood, general rubbish, green waste, inert waste and plasterboard waste (plasterboard has to be separated into a bag of its own). If you require more information about the type of rubbish that our skip bags can be used for, call our friendly and professional waste management team on 07928 538461.

Why choose KD Clearance skip bags?

All of our skip bags are strong, reliable, durable and come in two sizes. They can be easily stored in a small space until they’re needed, and they can hold a surprising amount of rubbish and bulky waste.

Our quality skip bags are backed up by first-class customer service in Surrey and Sussex. KD Clearance dispose of domestic and commercial rubbish and are a fully insured and licensed waste carrier with the Environment Agency.

Skip bag hiring process

Getting rid of your rubbish and unwanted items is as easy as one-two-three with our skip bag hire service in Surrey and Sussex:

  • Order your skip bag – Purchase the most appropriate skip bag for your needs and we’ll pop it in the post to you or deliver if local to us.
  • Fill at your leisure – When you’re ready to get rid of your rubbish, place the skip bag on your driveway or in your front garden and fill it with waste items.
  • Arrange collection – Once the skip bag is full, call us to arrange for it to be collected. Typically, the bag will be collected within three working days.

Other waste collection services

As well as skip bag delivery and collection, we also provide a number of other domestic and commercial waste management services, including general rubbish clearance, house and flat clearance, garden waste collection, building site clearance, office clearance and commercial bin collection.

If you need any type of rubbish removed from your home or business anywhere in Surrey or Sussex, contact KD Clearance today and we’ll arrange to visit you and provide a free, no-obligation quote.

Prohibited items

The following items are not permitted in our skip bags:

  • Asbestos
  • Biological, medical, animal and human waste
  • Loose domestic refuse
  • Raw loose meat and fish
  • Gas bottles or fire extinguishers
  • Oil, petrol, cooking oil and diesel
  • Filled paint tins
  • Toxic substances and explosive or illegal items
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Sharps/Needles
  • Extensive tree roots
  • Batteries
  • Tyres*

*Disposing of tyres will incur an additional cost.

Terms and conditions

Additional bags can be supplied at an extra cost. We collect all brands of skip bags, prices quoted are for level filled bags only. Large items – including sofas, armchairs, mattresses, fridges, freezers, air conditioning units, etc – will occur additional fees and must be arranged when booking.

Our skip bags come in two sizes:

  • 1 cubic yard (L)90cm x (W)90cm x (H)90cm – This skip bag can hold no more than 1 ton (1,000kg) and we do not accept more than half a bag of soil, hardcore or tiles, all of which have to be bagged.
  • 1.5 cubic yard (L)180cm x (W)90cm x (H)70cm – This skip bag can hold no more than 1 ton (1,000kg) and we do not accept more than half a bag of soil, hardcore or tiles, all of which have to be bagged.

The skip bags have to be easily accessible for collection, either on your front lawn or driveway.

Skip bags are valid for a period of six months, as we cannot guarantee the integrity of our skip bags after this time.

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