Fly-Tipping Clearance

If someone has illegally dumped rubbish on your private land, our fly-tipping clearance service is a fast and cost-efficient solution.

If you've been a victim of fly-tipping on your private land, KD Clearance can quickly and efficiently remove the waste and rubbish.

Not only is fly-tipping illegal, but it can be a huge problem for businesses and the environment.

Discarded rubbish often attracts mice and rats and can be seen by other fly-tippers as a good place to dump their rubbish, further exacerbating the issue. It can also hinder access to land or property, especially when fly-tipped waste blocks access roads or entrance gates.

When this happens, as a business you will want the fly-tipped rubbish removed quickly and efficiently, especially as removing illegally dumped rubbish on private land is the responsibility of the landowner.

At KD Clearance we understand how damaging the illegal dumping of rubbish can be, which is why we offer a fast and efficient fly-tipping clearance service.

Once we’ve cleared your land of any illegally dumped rubbish, we’ll provide you with documentation confirming we’ve removed the fly-tipped items and have taken legal responsibility for disposing of the rubbish in accordance with waste collection and disposal regulations.

When you need fly-tipped rubbish removed quickly, get in touch with us here at KD Clearance. We’ll come out, assess the situation, give you a quote and ensure that the illegally dumped waste is removed quickly, leaving your land free of rubbish.

As well as fly-tipped rubbish removal, we also provide a number of other domestic and commercial waste collection services, including house and flat clearance, garden waste collection, building site clearance, office clearance and commercial waste clearance.

KD Clearance is a fully licensed waste carrier with the Environment Agency, and we are also full insured.

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